ComicBinder will exist to make it fun to collect physical comic books. There are numerous reasons why you’d want to do that and a few situations where it would make sense to use ComicBinder.

#1: Keeping track of comics you own.

The first goal of ComicBinder is to keep track of what’s in your collection. Just knowing that you have eighty-five issues of The Uncanny X-Men and forty-five of them are in an unbroken run is worth the price of admission (which is yet to be determined).

#2: Keeping track of comics you want to own.

There are holes in your collection that need filling, and having a quick way to add things to a wish list and then reference that when you’re at your local shop is great.

#3: Keeping track of comics you want to sell.

The idea for ComicBinder was born out of the desire to be able to rid myself of some of my formerly beloved comics without getting taken for a ride.

Being able to see what’s in your collection at a glance while holding an Overstreet price guide in your hands goes a long way towards helping determine if you have a rare gem. Just skim and flag key issues in your collection.

Once you’ve done that, you can safely mark things in your collection “For Sale” and go from there. Share your list with friends or strangers online with confidence.

Not keeping track of your TPBs.

ComicBinder will not be for keeping track of collected editions or TPBs. If that’s what you want, may I kindly point you to a service like Goodreads?

Not keeping track of your to-read list.

I’ve had great success keeping track of things I want to read by using Trello. Ask me, I’d be glad to help you sort that out.

Not being a wiki.

If you need to know if that issue of Ghost Rider is the 43rd appearance of Wolverine and cross reference the penciller to their work on Werewolf By Night, might I refer you to a service like Comic Vine?

ComicBinder is here to help you easily collect comics, not to keep track of all the mind numbing minutia about said comics. That’s not what ComicBinder does best, so we’ll leave that to those better suited to the task.

Your Data

The data you put into ComicBinder is yours and will always be yours. You may take all of your data out of ComicBinder and close your account any time you want.1

Our Data

ComicBinder’s issue metadata will come from a yet unknown source. If you see something missing, you will be able go there and add the information.

This page (and a lot of the sprit of ComicBinder) was inspired by Letterboxd and their /Purpose page.

  1. Another service (if you can find one) may or may not be able to read the format, but it will be plain text and should be fairly easy to parse even, to a limited degree, visually.